Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Time Speed and Distance

I ran my first Sports Car Road Rally at Tennessee Tech University in 1980. Since then I have studied every aspect of the sport, from measuring the route to learning to be more observant as I drive.

In a road rally, you are required to drive at a specified speed for a certain distance at arrive at a predetermined correct time unknown to you. Also, you must follow a prescribed route to get to the secret checkpoint location at the correct time.

My first attempts to improve my performance was to develop a calculator program to calculate the correct time at a given mileage. My first program was on a TI -55 calculator.

Eventually this program evolved into the CompuRally rally computer system.

Now days I also race in performance rally races with have very little to do with navigational rallies but are still fun to do. See my RallyJeep for more on that sport.

I am still active with the Georgia Sports car club in the monthly rallies.

If you are interested in a custom made rally event as a fund raiser or a corporate road rally for a team building exercise, contact me at rally@mikestrawbridge.com

Navigation and driver training is also available.



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