Saturday, July 07, 2007

Comments from a first time ralliest on the Bell Buckle Parks rally July 4 2007:

I had SOOO much fun Wednesday at my first road Rally in Bell Buckle,TN. I went with my best friend Mike and his wife Janice. It was different going somewhere with adults rather than kids!! For those that know me I rarely EVER go out and if I do my kids are with me. Not this time!! I had such a blast I just wish it would have lasted longer. Mike and Janice were such a hoot on the way there and back home although Mike was the one getting most of the attention. Mike got the tires he needed to get Scuffy II back off roading again. Mike was sooo happy to get those tires. It was so funny though to see peoples reactions as they passed by us after reading the sticker on Janice's jeep: Jeep girls do it in the mud! I'm still thinking about getting that wig for Mike.....


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