Monday, May 29, 2006

Family photo road rally

One unique type of road rally the folks in Bell Buckle sometimes host is what they call a photo road rally. These events are always fun for the whole family as even children can figure out the pictures.

In the case of a family photo road rally, the route instructions take the form of photographs of the rally master's car going through each intersection. You have to identify the intersection from the picture and then figure out which way to go by looking at his car in the photo.

Charlie and Bill can throw some tricks at you like posting the picture mirror imaged or something like that so you have to be observant.

A family photo road rally is really easy to put together now in the age of digital cameras and computers. Juts pick a route and go out and shoot your car in the intersections. This type of road rally could be used as a fun way to publish directions to a party, wedding, camping trip or what ever requires a large number of people to follow a route.



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