Monday, May 14, 2007

Tennessee Back roads Heritage rally

Last weekend we ran the Tennessee back roads heritage rally in Middle Tennessee.

The course following navigation was a bit tricky in that they used an old set of general instructions and made the rally fit rather than the other way around. Complicating the course following was that route instructions might follow the main road or they might not. We made one bad turn that caused a .2 mile off course due to reading too much in to the pre event verbal instructions. However, we quickly recovered the route by simply following the instructions as written.

There was no time keeping other than an overall time limit for the event. Our strategy was to start early - we were the first car out of the parking lot - and to drive briskly on the twisty back roads.

We took time to read every sign and note the name of every side road along the route.

Our strategy paid off with a first overall finish and we finished well before the time limit so we had time to tour downtown Lynchburg while waiting for the results to be announced.

Rally Tennessee

A tarmac rally in the US? In Perry County Tennessee no less?

Yes, the world converged on Linden, Tn again this year for a very unique event in US motor sports.

While tarmac rallies are common in Europe, there are very few of them in the US.

This year 26 teams brought cars from all over the world to race the twisty backroads of Perry County Tennessee. And adding to the fun this year was an experimental class of Rally Moto bikes.

No one was really sure how the off road bikes would take to the tarmac but all the riders seemed to have a huge time on the roads.

Georgia Irishman, Shamus Burke took first place in a hard fought battle.

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Bell Buckle Park Rally July 4th, 2007

Here is the inside scoop for this years Bell Buckle Park Rally:

The route will be a recreation of a historic route taken by an adventurer form around the turn of the century. Since thing have not changed much in the last 100 years in Bell buckle it may not be too hard to follow.

Charlie tells me that the route instructions will be in the form of a story about the old man and his mules.

The Bell Buckle rally is always a fun adventure and this year's concept sounds like a fun new twist.

GSCC Rally

The next Georgia Sports car club rally is May 20. The rally master is Robert Harvey so expect accurate mileage measurement and correct calculations for the times.

Course following should be relatively easy with every thing spelled out clearly in the general instructions. No mind reading required.

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Spring Tour VSunday May 20, 2007The start and end will be at Johnny's Pizza on Ga 20 just east of Ga 400 (in front of Lowe's). The rally will be a simple, straight forward, non-trap, Time-Speed-Distance rally. Registration: 9:00AMDriver Meeting 9:40AMFirst car out 10:01AMEstimated finish 2:30 PMRallymaster is Robert Harvey