Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rally dating idea

Now I don't think I would take a first date on a rally. I have seen many marriages get strained by running a rally together. In fact one club has a class for married couples called "divorce court."

But if you are looking for an interesting idea for a date with a person you know a little bit about and want to learn more about, making up your own treasure hunt rally could be a fun way to spend some time together.

Now if you are still stuck in the "I need a first date before I can have a second date" phase then jump over to John Alanis' site right now before you read any further. Get his course on how to attract women and you will have plenty of choices on who to allow on your rally date. (Note I did not say ask her out.) Click this link to go to John's site right now.

Now assuming you have a special someone that you want to have some fun with, lay out a route to that fun spot. Use clues along the way to build mystery and suspense.

For example, lay out a route to a restaurant you want to try. But don't tell her where you are going. Since she needs to know how to dress, make that part of the route or general instructions. Tell her every thing she needs to know but only in small clues carefully spaced out in the route instructions. Build mystery and suspense along the way.

For more dating treasure hunt ideas see this site.



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