Sunday, June 25, 2006

Road rally ideas

There are as many different types of rallies as there are rally masters.

My personal favorite rally is the straight tsd rally. This is sometimes called a touring rally. In this type of rally, you are given clear concise route instructions and the winner is decided by who arrives at the control locations at exactly the correct time.

Another form of TSD or time speed distance rally involves adding certain logic traps to the route instructions. The winner is still decided by who arrives at the correct time but most likely the winner is decided by who gets the most traps right.

The mileage only rally is fun rally idea. In this rally, the traps or tricks will cause the contestant to take a different course causing them to measure a different distance. The winner is determined by being the closest to the official distance.

A photo rally is one where the route is determined by pictures of intersections. the winner is usually determined by measuring the correct distance.

Gimmick rallies are also a popular rally idea. These involve answering questions about things found along the rally route. The winner is the one who gets the most questions right.

Lime runs were once popular rally ideas, but have fallen on disfavor in recent years due to the potential for speeding. In a lime run, also known as hare and hound, the rally master leaves the start ahead of the contestants. At each intersection that he might have changed direction, he leaves a spot of lime on the pavement. The contestants must guess which way the rally master (or Hare) went. The object being trying to catch the hare or to at least measure the same distance as the rally master.

Another rally idea, poker run rallies, are popular with motorcycle clubs and classic car clubs. In these events, the contestants follow a simple course and get cards dealt to their hand at each control they encounter. The winner is the one with the best poker hand at the finish party.

I hope these will give you some good road rally ideas to try with your club or corporate road rally.

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