Monday, June 26, 2006

How to plan a road rally

Tips on how to plan a road rally successfully.

1. Know your audience's cars. Make sure the roads you plan to use are suitable for the cars that you expect. Don't take British Sports cars on forest trails and don't take 4x4 trucks on city streets. Make sure the roads are fun for the type of vehicles you expect to participate.

2. Know your audience's skill level. As I found in my infamous Lets learn to rally rally, even the simplest of traps are virtually incomprehensible to a novice who is just learning the sport. make sure you keep things at a level that is fun for every one involved. This is particularly challenging in a club like GSCC where you have extremely talented rallies who want to be challenged showing up the same day as novices running their first rally. Just be sure you let people know what they are coming for and all will go well.

3. manage your logistics. make sure there is ample parking at places where people might gather like the start finish and break points along the way.

4. Be extra careful of control locations. make sure all timing controls are located in safe places. make these away from houses and populated spots so that distraction are minimized.

5. Consider the speed. Make sure that the speeds you assign either directly or indirectly are appropriate for the roads you will be using. Don't make them so slow they become a nuisance and not so fast that they become a hazard. Also, consider what other tasks the rallies will be doing in addition to driving the roads.

More on how to plan a road rally later.......



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