Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Review of Fred's Rally

The last Rally of the GSCC was very well executed by rally master Fred Hollinger.

Robert and I won first place by getting all the traps right except the last one.

Robert and I had switched seat s for this event with him driving and me navigating. My time keeping skills are not as good as his as was shown by our scores. Marty and Tom who got second, beat us at time keeping, but we got more traps right which is what a trap rally is about anyway.

Fred started us off with a pause at a sign that was on a truck. Since signs on vehicles did not exist, that one did not count. We still got a poor score on that leg because we failed to set out computer clock correctly.

Later Fred gave us an instruction to turn at a road sign. The sign was obvious, however since the road ahead was a dead end, the sign was not at an intersection so we had to wait until later to execute the instruction.

He hit us with a lettered instruction follow in the middle of a control. If you did not pay attention you would start the leg at the wrong out marker. We almost fell for that one as we were rushing to make our out time. We had to start the leg late and make up the time. Luckily there were some pauses later one that allowed us to catch up.

Fred got us on the last leg of the day on a trap he set up two years ago. For the last two years, we have gone into a checkpoint in front of his house based on the road existing as defined in the generals. This year he misquoted the sign and we were supposed to take the long loop. We did it like we have the last couple of years which was wrong this year.

Good Job Fred!



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