Monday, August 07, 2006

Reading the Generals

Every rally will have a set of General instructions. These are commonly known as "The Generals."

Reading and knowing the general instructions is the key to getting good score, staying on course and possibly winning the rally.

The General instructions will tell you things like what the penalty scale is, where signs might be located,how and when to execute the instructions and what to do at intersections where you have no instructions.

If you happen to attend a Rally without written general instructions, ask a lot of questions to find out what the un written rules are for that club.

When running a trap rally, the generals will be the key to setting up most of the traps.

Begin by looking for strange definitions. For example, one rally I ran defined a bridge as crossing water. In the rally we crossed what looked like a bridge but it was over a train track instead so for the purpose of the rally, it was not a bridge.

Another common trick is to define where signs can be found. For example signs on the left of the road may not exist for the purpose of the rally. Or even more common is that signs painted on vehicles do not exist. The rally master may reference a really big sign painted on a truck but since a truck is a vehicle, you can't use it in the rally.

In the Rally in Bell Buckle we ended up second instead of winning due to my not reading the generals carefully. I made a simple mistake that cost me a few points moving me from first to second.

Always read the generals.



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