Friday, July 07, 2006

The Monte Carlo Style Rally

I am not sure of the origin or spelling of the name but, a Monte Carlo style rally is where you are given the mileage and time to all the controls. Your job is to just be there on time.

Sounds easy doesn't it?

Well these have been some of the toughest rallies I have ever run. You see they give you about a hundred potential checkpoint locations where you are given the time to be there. They will only staff and score a handful of these. But since you don't know where they will be until you see the checkpoint sign, you have to be on time all the time. Just like any other TSD rally.

These rallies can be great practice for those just learning the math behind TSD rally calculations. You can check your math at any point in the route by comparing what you calculated to what is given in the routes.

The Monte Carlo style rally always seems to keep my navigator busy correcting the computer to match the mileage and time given at each location. You would think it would be less work, but my navigators always seem to be busy correcting stuff. Maybe they just want to feel important.

For a real life example of a Monte Carlo style rally, run Tom's "You are Given the time" event in Atalanta July 16.



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