Monday, July 03, 2006

Rally Round the park details

Charlie tells me this will be a short fun photo rally like described in this previous post. A photo rally is where the route instructions consists of photos of intersections that you must identify form the photos and then determine which way to travel form clues in the photo. Note that the photos may have been taken at a different season than when the rally is being run so things may not look exactly the same.

This type of rally is great for families as the kids are often better at relating to the pictures than adults are.

You can also expect some great fun at the beginning of the rally. There is usually some great entertainment from the students of Webb school. The last time I was there, they put on a very entertaining musical about life with cars.

I am not sure what they will be doing this year, but you will get to hang out in the cool town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Just saying the town's name is fun! (read this article about Bell Buckle.)

The rally will take you through some of the scenic farm country around Bell Buckle. The terrain varies from flat to hilly and the roads are always suitable for any kind of automobile.

Be prepared for a relaxing drive in the country and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery that this area has to offer. The winner will likely be decided by measuring the correct mileage or maybe by answering some questions.



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