Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I win!

GSCC Rally Results

The trophy presentation at this weekend's GSCC Rally looked like a BMW party. Every class was won by a BMW.

Stock class was taken by veteran ralliests in a Z3. Limited by a M3 and Novice class by another BMW convertible.

Robert and I won overall and equipped class with me driving Robert's BMW. We finished with 14 points 7 of those coming on one leg where I was not paying attention to how much time I lost at a stop sign. I did not let that happen again as later in the day we lost some time at a traffic light and I was still down within sight of the control. I used all the BMW's power and handling and actually got us to the control at the top of the hill one hundredth early!

The biggest drama of the day was from the Tennesseans Wayne and Vanessa who attracted the attention of a county sheriff deputy while juggling route instructions, a cell phone and a shift lever. Due to their ability to talk their way out of a ticket and return to the rally, they received the not so coveted Maxwell Trapper award with according to club rules must be proudly displayed on the back of their toilet until they pass it on to the next recipient.

Thanks to Tom for putting on another great road rally.



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