Monday, July 31, 2006

Rally Master mentoring

In order to learn how to put on a rally I strongly suggest that you solicit a mentor to help you. I have run far too many rallies put on by people who have read a bit about a rally and maybe having run one in the past think it would be fun to be a rally master. After all who can resit the power trip of having people driving around dong exactly what you tell them too.

Before you let your ego get carried away, take some time to think about the logistics of your rally. Do people have enough time to safely get form one place to another. What will the traffic be like on rally day. Does the route pass by churches at noon on Sunday? Is there a fair or horse show scheduled the same weekend on your route?

Think also about parking for the contestants at breaks and pauses.

Remember that people run rallies to have fun and see new scenery. Make sure you deliver that to your customers.

For a chance to put on a rally in Middle Tennessee and learn form a great rally master, contact Charlie Cooke in Bel Buckle as he is looking for someone to help with his November rally. Or in the Atlanta area contact the Georgia Sports car club.



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