Thursday, September 07, 2006



Spelling traps are one of the oldest tricks used by rally masters. They are still used today because they work.

For example Annie Chandler Rd is not the same as Anny Chandler Rd or Anne Chandler Rd. County road departments are not always consistent in how the spell road names. Especially across county lines. Also, some business names can have spelling different from their sound.

In order to best prepare your team for this type of trap, before the rally, assign who will read the sign and who will read the route instruction when spelling is questioned. This way you can both quickly read the letters and compare the routes to the sign to see if it is the one referenced.

Just be sure you know which partner has which role before you begin. It will match every time if you are both reading the sign or both reading the route instructions. Ask Robert how I know that.



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